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Margaret Woodhouse

Cats Claws and

Nothing prepares a cat better for life than a bit of advice from one of Margaret's cat books… Buster Otter

it simply depends on what your cat fancies.

  • Phoebe was amused by the Trans-Whisker Sidestep.
  • Stripes boned up on her Dog Defense Mechanisms.
  • Trotsky was too distracted by the mice to go Latex.
  • Sooty knew a great golf bag when he saw one.
  • Percy mewed lyrical to "As You Like It".
  • And Buster? Buster was the guy who posed for all the front covers.

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Know Your Purr Points

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Be Highly Effective

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Employ some Latex

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Learn Your Lines

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Get Cooking

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Rusty Extras

  • Try out the latest dance move: Le Grand Pas de Chien
  • US Lingo gets Rusty Beat
  • How About Catty Talk?