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Margaret Woodhouse

Let's Get

Important messages sometimes hide behind humour… Buster Otter

…but, hey, let's get that message across.

  • Tom knows – home is where the heart is.
  • The Weasels might have a message for humans.
  • Sheep might know how to lead – not just follow.
  • Women might want to share their messages.
  • As for Little Mister Mischief he knows, though his endless scrapes land him in deep water, The Family love him all the same.

Scratch the Surface and Reveal the Messages

Up with the Environment

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Down with Corruption

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A Cautionary Tail

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Life's Lessons On the Run

Available 2023

Get Cooking

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Mean to Say what you Mean

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Become so Wise

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Dog Books Rool

Yet to be Unwrapped

A doggy book to positively drool over

Rusty Extras

  • Try out the latest dance move: Le Grand Pas de Chien
  • US Lingo gets Rusty Beat
  • How About Catty Talk?