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"What is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations." Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

And Rusty had been thinking exactly the same thing…

Just what has Rusty been thinking lately?

  • He can solve the world's problems. "Magari!"
  • The latest is all about Trump
  • Why can't journalists write proper-ly.
  • He'd like you to read Margaret's books
  • His is essentially a dog's life
The Rusty Files

Feel free to claw your way through these cat books…

Know Your Cat's Purr Points

The Best Seller

Indulge your cat! Take your cat to a whole new level of purring.

The 9-life Habits of Highly Effective Cat

9-Life Habits…

…include: relationships with your human; and dog-deflection techniques.

The Latex Cat

Risqué but useful

From sport to kitten care, cats find condoms useful for every occasion.

Cats' Tales from Shakespeare

Classic Cat

Shakespeare's imagery is caught in exquisite portrayals of pussycat portraiture.

…or indulge in a little whimsy.

The Rise and Fall of Weaseldomderry

Loving our World

Greed consumes reason in the land of the Weaseldomderry.

Jim Bleat for Prime Minister and Jed Bleat for President

Follow your Leader

In the race for president Jim leads the pigs. Can he keep his nose out of the trough?

Tom the Travel Cat

Be Careful not to stray

Will Tom ever find his way back home again?

Little Mister Mischief Goes Shopping

Little Mister Mischief

With a whirlwind spirit, Little Mister Mischief scoots into many adventures.

Maybe sorting out Fact from Fiction is more your thing…

The Uncertain Measure of Success

The Trouble with Neighbours

When you meet Miriam McGregor you won't know whether to laugh or cry.

The Secrets of Elephant Wisdom

The Secrets of Elephant Wisdom

Open up this trunkful of sage advice.

Féline Cuisine

Féline Cuisine

Purr into stress-free cooking with human recipes presented by some fabulous cats.

The Female Semaphore

Signing Sanity

Girls! Learn Female Semaphore and you need never be misunderstood again.

…or something a little more Serious

Things you might want to know about
Margaret Woodhouse

  • Margaret has been writing professionally since 1985.
  • She has had more than 30 titles published internationally.
  • Prior to Jed Bleat running for President, his cousin, Jim, ran successfuly as Prime Minister
  • In 2000 4 British MPs recorded Jim Bleat for Prime Minister, for charity, BBC Children in Need.
  • Her ginger cat first starred in The Kama Sutra for Cats.
  • Miu Sakamoto composed music for the Japanese edition of Know Your Cat's Purr Points.
  • The Latex Cat, which she devised with husband, Jack Gower, is not really so frightful.
  • The Female Semaphore was born out of a healthy frustration.
  • Her first novel, The Uncertain Measure of Success, was published in 2016.
  • Margaret writes, packages and edits books, AND assists Rusty to lodge his files.
  • Through The Booksmiths she provides a full book production service.

About Editorial
& Book Packaging

At The Booksmiths, Margaret teams up with a skilled band of people who know everything about the book production business.

Writing, editing, proofreading, illustrating, designing, organising book and print production, book promotion, web design, public relations – these are all elements of editorial or book production. It doesn't matter how large your project – or how small – Margaret and The Booksmiths can sort your project out.

Rusty Extras

  • Try out the latest dance move: Le Grand Pas de Chien
  • US Lingo gets Rusty Beat
  • Catty Talk?