Knowing Science

The Knowing Science series includes books about insects, the human body and scary creatures. Designed to bring fun to science learning, the 17 titles cater for ages 3 to 7, and are appropriate for older children with reading difficulties.

Sid's Day Out

Living in the Past

The British National Trust brought history alive with this series of 6 books for children. From Hadrian's Wall to Devon, from AD200 to 1940, these are intimate stories about characters – imagined and otherwise – who lived in some of the Trust properties.

Scrub-a-dub Nellie

Curly Tales

It's animals personified in The Curly Tales. And how they reveal all that quirky human behaviour and all those not-always-admiarable foibles.
Curly Tales tell 3 fun stories for children and adults alike.

Jim Bleat for Prime Minister

New Zealand History

On the 25 December 1814, Rev Samuel Marsden celebrated New Zealand's first Christian service. To celebrate, the Anglican Schools Office produced 4 wonderful titles for children. Written by Alison Ballentyne and illustrated by Margaret Woodhouse.

When Tupu and Wiriwiri went to School

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