Cat's Tales from

Cats' Tales is a purr-filled mix of Shakespeare's rich imagery and Margaret Woodhouse's fine portrayals of Elizabethan pussycat portraiture.

Cat's Tales from Shakespeare

The Latex Cat

Believe it! Cats just love condoms, and this book illustrates precisely why the art of purrloining is so much part of the feline psyche.

The Latex Cat

Know Your Cat's
Purr Points

Our bestselling book for everyone who enjoys revving up the purrs on a pussy cat. Become a proficient Purr Point practitioner.

Know Your Cat's Purr Points

The 9-life Habits of
Highly Successful Cats

Every cat needs to know the 9-life strategies for success. In this guide, cats learn how to exert maximum influence over their resident human.

Highly Successful Cats

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